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Asmongold once again is at the top of the charts

Asmongold Twitch

Although XQC, Ibai, Amouranth, and others are all over the news, Asmongold is always present.

Twitch has been obviously dominated by two video games since the year 2022 began: Elden Ring and Lost Ark. Asmongold is one of the content providers that has put a lot of effort into both games.

As the weeks have passed, the streamer has totally dominated the Twitch ranks, obtaining some unusual metrics in the process. With all of this in mind, and the fact that he appears to be devoting his time to both titles, Asmongold is more than likely poised to compete for the purple platform’s throne without difficulty.

Consistency and hard work have made Asmongold continue to grow.

Asmongold began streaming on its secondary channel a few weeks ago. The arrival of Lost Ark in the West, on the other hand, signaled the return of the content creator to the main channel. Asmongold has thus risen to become the fourth most watched English-speaking Twitch streamer, according to the Sullygnome webpage. xQcOW, fextralife, HasanAbi, and the two top Spanish streamers Rubius and Ibai have all surpassed him.

During the month of February, Asmongold saw a peak of 427,880 viewers, according to the statistics site. Furthermore, it received an average of 104,987 views. All of this is backed up by a total of 19,055,285 hours viewed, which puts it behind the two content creators stated above.

What is evident is that Asmongold’s content is popular with the general audience. And it’s because, outside of Twitch, the streamer has already surpassed one million subscribers on YouTube, a site to which he devotes a significant amount of time and effort, especially given its rapid growth.

Despite the fact that Asmongold has been streaming on the site for a long time, his popularity has risen in recent years. Many Twitch content providers have had a good year, and Asmongold is one of them, so we should keep an eye on him in the next months to see if he has outperformed his colleagues.

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