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Streamer plays Escape From Tarkov with an N64 controller

N64 Escape From Tarkov

Although it was a very funny clip, the gameplay experience is not entirely positive.

David, or better known as PoppaElite, is a streamer on the Twitch platform and among his games with the most hours is Escape From Tarkov, the combat simulator with RPG and MMO elements. PoppaElite is always looking for new challenges, his latest challenge? Get at least one kill playing with the classic (and uncomfortable) Nintendo 64 controller.

A really tough challenge.

The N64 controller has a reputation for being notoriously clunky to hold. This is because Nintendo has included a series of buttons that, even for native Nintendo 64 games, were very difficult to use. With the challenge at stake David manages to plug the classic console controller into his PC. After some time of adaptation, PoppaElite still manages to get the better of several hostile players he runs into. Which he shares with us via a clip on his Twitter account.

As we can see in the clip, David manages to adapt a bit to the N64 controller. This can be seen in the precision of the aiming, even so, the streamer confesses in the video that playing with that controller is so uncomfortable, that he doesn’t have time to get out of the doors before they close. This is confirmed through a twitter after one of his followers asked him if we are in the presence of a new meta, to which David answers “I don’t recommend anyone play on that thing”.

Although the game can be played with controllers, the experience of Escape From Tarkov is to be lived through a keyboard and mouse. This is because, when playing with a controller, it leaves out many elements and possibilities that a keyboard and mouse can offer you.

David has met the challenge, and as we can see in the replay of his live chat with the N64 controller, the chat even offered to play with Guitar Hero guitars. David will accept more controller challenges? we’ll keep an eye out for it.

Watch the full stream replay down below.

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