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World of Longplays streams The Three Stooges NES game

The Three Stooges Long Play

Check out the classic Larry, Curly, and Moe title that has gone under the radar for many years.

World of Long Plays, a video game YouTube channel, has published gameplay of a Nintendo Entertainment System classic that many people had no idea existed. The Three Stooges for the NES is a collection of mini-games based on the three characters’ amusing exploits.

A video game museum

Considered by its own creators as a museum of video games for the large collection of gameplays of titles from different eras of history, World of Longplays has a collection of hundreds and hundreds of gameplay videos that have had their passage through the history of video games.

This marvel of the digital world has presented a Long Play of the classic 1989 Beam Software and Activision game called The Three Stooges. Yes, this is what Activision was doing decades before Call of Duty.

The first appearance of The Three Stooges in a video game

The basic narrative of the NES game is focused on Larry, Curly, and Moe striving to gather $5,000 in thirty days to save an orphanage. The game draws inspiration from the many films of these three legendary comedic characters.

The Three Stooges Long Play

As previously stated, The Three Stooges includes a variety of mini-games ranging from tossing feet in each other’s faces to dashing around a hospital evading patients on stretchers and wheelchairs.

All of this and more can be found in The Three Stooges Long Play for the NES. If you’re stuck in a game, want to relive memories, or are seeking out new games, World of Longplays is a must-follow channel.

Check out the World of Longplays gameplay down below!

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