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Twitch streamer RockyNoHands has achieved Diamond 3 in Apex Legends


The quadriplegic streamer has surprised the Apex Legends community with his great achievement in the game.

We are used to hearing the names of the great streamers, but in the different streaming platforms, there are great content creators that don’t become so well known until they achieve something incredible.

Something like this has happened to Rocky “RockyNoHands” Stoutenburgh, a streamer who after an accident where he hit his head, was paralyzed from the neck down. After many years of physical and mental battles, he found refuge in video games.

Despite only being able to play with his mouth through a quadstick, he has managed to break 2 Guineness records, but what he has achieved in Apex Legends this week is something to stand up and applaud.

An achievement out of this world.

RockyNoHands was able to reach Diamond 3 rank in Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment’s Battle Royale which is the perfect place for gamers looking to test their FPS skills. Rocky accomplished this great feat while streaming on his Twitch channel.

At the end of the broadcast, Rocky didn’t hesitate to share the clip of the feat on Twitter, where not only his community applauded such triumph, but Apex Legends streamers and the game’s community as well.

It is possible that RockyNoHands has more goals in mind, such as climbing up the leaderboard. However, that may be a long time coming as the streamer is currently busy with Elden Ring. Still, we hope to see more from this amazing streamer in the future.

You can follow Rocky on Twitch.

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