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Twitch Loot Cave

Buy Twitch gear on Amazon!

Amazon just launched the Twitch Loot Cave for all of your Twitch streaming needs.

Whether you are a Twitch streamer or just a fan of the site, the Loot Cave has all kinds of clothing and accessories like water bottles, mugs, and Teddy bears. They even have doggy toys!

The clothing options are perfect for streamers who want to look their best during a stream. In addition to t-shirts, they also have long-sleeve shirts, hoodies, hats, and socks.

Fun branded swag for sale in the Twitch Loot Cave

You can get this Twitch Glitch Pillow Plush for $25! Use it as a prop in the background of your streaming setup!

Purple Twitch Loot Cave Glitch Plush Pillow
Twitch Glitch Pillow Plush

Is your chat a little slow (hopefully not!)? Keep this $28 Twitch Plush Bear handy so you don’t get lonely on those marathon streaming sessions. If you start talking to it, it may be time for a break.

Twitch Loot Cave Plush Bear wearing a purple Twitch hoodie
Twitch Plush Bear

Hit markers eluding you? Get the equipment you need to play with god-like precision using this Twitch XL Gaming Desk Pad for $15.

Twitch Loot Cave XL Gaming Desk Pad in black with Twitch logos
Twitch Gaming Desk Pad
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