Twitch is testing a new cheering system in the US

A system very similar to YouTube’s Super Chats is coming to Twitch.

Zach Bussey, the journalist who covers the most important news in the streaming world on a daily basis, has made it known through his Twitter account that a new cheering system is coming to the Twitch platform. After YouTube’s gigantic bet to improve its streamers section, Twitch has gradually introduced new elements to reward its users.

A new way to monetize your streams comes to Twitch

This new cheering system will come to accompany the classic bits of the platform, but this time with an unexpected twist that clearly rewards streamers. Twitch streamers who receive a Cheer from a viewer will receive payment directly to their PayPal account. Even so, the streamer will not get 100% of the payment, but 80% of it after fees.

Viewers who make a Cheer can send a message that is highlighted in the Twitch chat as if it were the well-known YouTube system: Super Chats. Although they are not the same, they have many similarities, although the important thing about this new cheering system is not the resemblance to Super Chat.

Twitch Cheering System

This new cheering system comes to Twitch in a test phase exclusively in the US to accompany the “fixed” payment that streamers will receive for the number of hours and advertising they do on the platform.  In this way, Twitch users who make streams, with all the income options that are on the platform, can in a way receive sufficient economic remuneration.

It is expected that this system will soon reach other regions with large Twitch communities such as the French and Hispanic countries.

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