Twitch is making gift cards available in more countries

Twitch just added gift cards in three more countries.

Twitch has announced an expansion of gift cards to our friends from the North, across the Atlantic and Pacific. That’s right. Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom all are now eligible for gift card purchases and redemption.

As Twitch explains, a “Twitch gift card is a gift-giving cheat code that helps Twitch fans support their favorite streamers with subs and Bits, and helps them connect with the Twitch community. So give the gamer in your life the gift card that’s worth every Bit.”

The gift cards are available for purchase online through Amazon. Digital gift cards come in a variety of values. You can also purchase physical gift cards in values of your own choosing. Check out the chart below for more details.

How to redeem

Obviously, you need a Twitch account in order to redeem the gift card. So if you have that (and why wouldn’t you if you’re reading this article?), you can redeem your gift card at Once it is redeemed, the full amount on the card is transferred over to the recipient’s gift card balance in their Twitch Wallet.

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