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Super Mario Maker is playable in Little Big Planet 3

It turns out that Super Mario Maker made it to the PS4 before the Nintendo Switch… well, kind of.

A fan-made Super Mario Maker is playable in the PS4 game Little Big Planet 3. That’s right. The sandbox creation game Little Big Planet was used to build another sandbox creation game in Super Mario Maker. That’s so meta, dude.

Super Mario Maker in Little Big Planet 3 comes equipped with a fairly sophisticated level creator and the ability to play your creations on the spot. Since this is Little Big Planet, though, the controls are a bit different. It looks like the game is being played on ice.

Claptrap9 created the level maker mod. It’s called “Super Mario Maker (SMB Style) 2019,” which you can find here. He created the mod in celebration of Super Mario Maker 2’s announcement for the Switch. It was released on MAR10 Day.

“Think of this level as a demo of Super Mario Maker,” Claptrap9 writes. “So if you’ve never played the game before and you’re thinking about getting the sequel then I’d recommend playing this level to see what you think of the game!”

Watch the game in action:

Thanks to streamer Ayee for the video and Claptrap9 for the fun new level creator!

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