Streamer Spotlight: BM_Rasta

Streamer Spotlight is a series where we feature upcoming streamers. This week we are interviewing @BM_Rasta. If you would like to be featured, follow us on Twitter @vgamestreamers and email us explaining what makes your channel unique.

What games or types of games do you like to stream? 

I enjoy playing RPGs, BR, and FPS games.

When did you first start streaming on Twitch? 

I started in April 2018.

What was your inspiration to start streaming?

I originally started streaming as a way to get good at Fortnite. I would re-watch my matches to see what mistakes I was making.

How difficult has it been to build a following for your channel?

Building a following wasn’t as difficult for me as it is for most. I already had a large following on Instagram that helped push my channel.

What have you found to be a successful way to manage these difficulties?

The best way to grow a channel is to get involved, become an active member of the community around the game you stream.

What do you do outside of streaming on Twitch, if you don’t mind answering? 

I work full time in the oil industry.

When can viewers most likely find you streaming?

Tuesday to Saturday 1-7pm CST

What short term and long term goals do you have for your channel?

My current short term goal is 500 follows. Long term, I would like to upgrade the overall quality of my stream with overlays, etc.

What has been your greatest success so far in your streaming career?

My greatest success as a streamer is meeting my current crew. They’re all amazingly good friends that would do anything for each other.

Is there anything else you would like the readers of this interview to know about you or your channel? 

If you enjoy Sea of Thieves and like chill streams full of crazy shenanigans then come hang out.

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