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Speedrunners gather at Calithon 2019 to support charity through Twitch

Some of the world’s fastest speedrunners are gathering at Calithon 2019 to support the international charity work of Direct Relief, a humanitarian medical aid organization based in California.

The speedrunning marathon Calithon 2019 takes place over the course of the next three days at the Santa Barbara headquarters of Direct Relif. Their headquarters is home to a 155,000 square-foot warehouse that acts as the largest distribution hub for humanitarian medical aid in the United States, providing medical aid to recipients in 100 countries and all 50 US states.

Calithon is broadcast live on Twitch at, where viewers can donate to Direct Relief. Their goal is to raise as much as $50,000.

“We’re excited and humbled to bring the West Coast’s premier speedrun event to Direct Relief, where our players will get to see and hear first-hand how their game-playing skills are helping people in need around the world,” said Calithon founder Jeff Yochum.

Calithon begins today at 4 PM Pacific and continues through 10 PM Pacific on Sunday, March 17. The speedrunning marathon (originally named Californithon) is held annually. It dates back to 2015.

Check out a mini documentary about the event below:

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