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Seki completes no-damage Elden Ring run in under 3 hours

Although it was attempted on April 1, this is not an April Fools’ Day joke.

Streamer Seki accomplished something that should not be possible. The Twitch streamer attempted a no-hit/no-damage run in Elden Ring. Crazily enough, he pulled it off!

As Kotaku reports:

Seki’s no-hit/no damage run took about just under 3 hours to complete and was done live on stream, with him posting an image of his victory shortly afterward on Twitter, excitedly announcing the news. In his tweet, Seki claimed that his impressive run was a “world’s first.” Some folks questioned this and pointed to a different, earlier run by streamer GinoMachino from March 13. However, while GinoMachino did complete Elden Ring without taking any hits, that run is different from what Seki accomplished.

“No-Hit/No Damage is harder than a regular no-hit run as the player cannot take [any] environmental damage such as fall damage/poison etc,” Seki explained to Kotaku. “This adds difficulty to the run as I don’t have access to buffs such as Red-Feathered Branchsword which could potentially increase my damage output if I had low health.”

Seki says that it took over a hundred hours of practice in order to achieve this impressive feat.

Watch the historic playthrough below!

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