Pokimane could leave Twitch and go to YouTube


Her contract with Twitch expired on January 31.

Pokimane has had a very successful 2022. After a lot of rumors, problems with his projects and Ninja’s hate raid controversy, this time the future of his career is added. Imane Anys, or better known as Pokimane, has been streaming since 2013 on Twitch, and since the end of his contract on January 31, the future of his career has remained a big unknown.

Known by many as the Queen of Twitch, Pokimane had signed an exclusive contract with Twitch 2 years ago where things have not gone quite as imagined. Despite positioning herself as one of the strongest female figures on Twitch, Pokimane’s move has not been entirely positive.

With a lot of controversy and problems with her projects outside of Twitch, the Canandian streamer has gone unnoticed on the platform. Despite this, it hasn’t been an entirely negative path, as the Queen of Twitch has brightened the days of a lot of Twitch users with her charismatic personality, infectious laughter, and her ability to play video games.

A new chapter is about to begin.

Recently, on January 31, Pokimane shared a message on Twitter that let us know a bit about her future on the Twitch platform and her career.

Despite saying that today, February 8, we will know the whereabouts of her “next chapter”, the platform where the insiders of the streaming world place the Canadian streamer is YouTube. YouTube is trying to gain ground in streaming, as Twitch has been the leading platform in recent years.

Streamers such as Ludwig, Timthetatman, Dr Lupo, or Dr Disrespect himself, have been the streamers that YouTube has offered exclusive contracts to, in order to attract a larger audience to the platform. With no female figure yet to migrate from Twitch to YouTube, Pokimane is the #1 choice to be the next one.

We will await further information about Pokimane’s future, and we hope that the Canadian streamer will have a fruitful new beginning for her, that wherever she may be, she will always be the queen of the stream.

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