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Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Part II: These streamers are playing the new update

Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Update 2

A very big Minecraft update is here. Now content creators are gradually joining in on the fun from the new Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Part II update.

After years of rumors behind the possible arrival of this new update, finally, this week arrived the second part of the Caves & Cliffs Update of Minecraft. Part I arrived in July. It had great additions such as the Axolotls, the new subway plants, and the unexpected Copper ore. However, all players knew that the good stuff was coming with the second update.

A massive update

Caves & Cliffs Part II has changed the rules of the game from world generation, resource generation, biome mixing, parallel biomes, a greater depth and at the same time a higher maximum height, new mobs, and much more. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the best updates the game has seen in a long time, which gives us a good feeling about the upcoming updates coming to Minecraft.

Few content creators have made the move

As expected, the content creation platforms have been very active these first days since the release of the new update. Still, at least on Twitch, few English channels have made the jump to 1.18, such as Jon Bams, a verified channel with over 400k followers, who has started his hardcore series on Minecraft.

And yes, the most common thing among content creators has been the start of their series. With at least 35k+ people a day watching the streams, the official Minecraft YouTube channel is packed with new content on Caves & Cliffs Part II, which is really not any surprise.

Although Minecraft’s biggest content creators haven’t ventured into the new versions of the game – like Dream, who recently rode the finale rematch of his Spreedrunner VS 5 Hunters series – there are creators like Wattles, Skip The Tutorial, JWhisp, and fWhip who have created content.

So far, everything looks like a great success for this new version. Hopefully, many content creators will jump on the bandwagon and start posting content using 1.18 in the coming days.

Don’t know what will happen to your old world? Check the official Minecraft video below explaining it!

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