Ludwig announces a big Fortnite tournament with 100k in prizes

Following the popularity of Fortnite Zero Build, the new tournament arrives this month.

Ludwig, the popular content producer and broadcaster who recently switched from Twitch to YouTube, has announced a new Fortnite tournament that begins on April 18 in conjunction with Epic Games.

A huge prize for a new Fortnite tournament

Ludwig Mondays come as a surprise with this cooperation between the American content maker and Epic Games, where a set of three tournaments have been put together with the goal of greatly raising the quality of production and putting more money into the prize pool.

Yes, that’s correct! Ludwig has amassed a prize pool of $100,000 for this first tournament, which means that a total of $300,000 was gathered in this new Fortnite partnership with Epic Games.

Ludwig Mondays look to help rising streamers

Ludwig has stated that the Ludwig Mondays would be exceptional events, as similar competitions held by streamers and content producers in the past were geared at the best broadcasters on YouTube, Facebook Gaming, and Twitch. This time, the popular YouTuber has returned to his origins, and a series of three competitions will be held for aspiring content creators and broadcasters.

This was done to help these up-and-coming streamers and assist their careers by offering them the chance to win enormous numbers that would catapult them to success. Streamers with an average of fewer than 1000 viewers each broadcast will be allowed to compete in these events.

Ludwig Mondays can only be watched on Ludwig’s YouTube channel, thanks to Ludwig’s partnership with YouTube. The first Ludwig Mondays will begin on April 18, 2022. However, the specific start timings of the tournaments are unknown at this moment. These specifics are likely to be revealed in the coming days.

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