Ludwig says bye to Twitch, joins YouTube Gaming

Ludwig Youtube Gaming

In April, American streamer Ludwig surpassed the absolute record number of subscribers. Now he’s leaving Twitch for YouTube Gaming.

We’ve already seen streamers leave Twitch for YouTube who used to work eight hours a day, Monday through Friday. TimTheTatman’s exit from Twitch to YouTube was one of the most recent huge transfers, and the so-called “Golden Boy from Twitch” left this week.

The end of one road is the beginning of another

Ludwig Ahgren, a US broadcaster, has left Twitch after negotiating an arrangement with Youtube Gaming. The gaming division of YouTube has expanded twice as fast in the last year as it did in the preceding two years, with more than 40 million channels broadcasting daily.

Many of the streamer’s admirers were perplexed by his abrupt change of heart, especially when he set the absolute record for most subscriptions in a single channel in April 2021 with over 280k subscriptions. As a result of this, Ludwig has posted a video on YouTube explaining why he is leaving Twitch.

In short, the broadcaster is leaving Twitch because he – like many of the company’s top 100 or 200 streamers – feel abandoned by the platform. Even for those who are the most powerful on the platform, resolving even the tiniest problem on the platform is excruciatingly painful, they say.

Despite the abrupt change, Ludwig does not want his community to suffer as a result. So he has ensured that the emotes will remain the same, that Twitch subscribers will automatically become members of his YouTube channel, and that they can change their usernames to be the same as they were on the Twitch platform if they so desire to make this transition as painless as possible for his fans.

Watch Ludwig explaining why he left Twitch down below!

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