Let’s Try West of Dead

West of Dead

I’m a fan of twin-stick shooters. So, naturally, I wanted to try out the stylish indie game West of Dead and share my experience with you.

Thanks to Xbox Game Pass, it costs nothing (other than the subscription that I already paid for) to try it out. So even if I don’t like it, all I’m out of is my time and under a gig of hard drive space that I can easily clear out with an uninstall.

But I don’t think that that I am going to be uninstalling West of Dead. Truth be told, I am not a huge fan of roguelikes. So it’s somewhat surprising that this game would keep my attention.

However, the game proves to be fun, challenging, and stylish. It lures you in right away. And from the short amount of the game that I’ve played so far, it seems to be a solid twin-stick shooter. You can watch my brief playthrough below!

West of Dead is available now on PC via Steam and Xbox One.


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