Let’s try Omno on Xbox Series X


Today we bring you our gameplay experience with the first 35 minutes of Omno.

Omno is an indie game developed by Jonas Manke. The project has been in development for five years. Players are presented with a 3D platform adventure with a unique and inexplicable style that conveys tranquility but with dynamic and inclusive gameplay for both old fans of platformers, as players who are starting in this genre.

Although we’re told that the length of the game is between four and six hours, the first 35 minutes of the game is enough to give you an idea of the adventure you will encounter.


For those who do not know the title, Omno is a 3D platform game that presents fairly simple gameplay to welcome both experienced players as well as newcomers who venture into this genre. Clearly, in the first 35 minutes of the game, we can appreciate that this title will not present a huge challenge for players but offers other aspects that make the game an interesting title.

Omno gameplay

Our character goes with a staff with which we can absorb energy and activate some platforms. At the beginning, we will have some of the most basic skills, but it won’t take long to unlock some others that add a touch of freshness to the adventure.

This is something to appreciate since in the first 10 minutes of the game as a player we realize that Omno goes beyond the gameplay or the story. Jonas Manke clearly wants to convey with Omno is an overall experience where everything – the gameplay, story, and scenarios – work together to transport us and put us in the shoes of the character.

Technical Aspects

Being an indie production it is understandable, and we can be a little more objective with it, that the experience is the main thing he wants players to experience. Even so, to have been made by a single person in the last five years, it is something to applaud for how polished the game is compared to other AAA games that have come out this year, which have left much to be desired.


What stands out in the first half-hour is the artistic style. Omno has a unique low-poly aesthetic with pastel colors that work in harmony during the different scenarios of the game. The sound is equally well cared for and with some interesting details to highlight. The sounds of the environment, animals, or actually any action that we do are not at all bad and are consistent. In fact, it’s just what we would expect to hear in games of this style.

All this is thanks to the game’s soundtrack which is quite harmonious with relaxed melodies that perfectly accompany our adventure and what is happening. Needless to say, this is a game that should have wide appeal.

An enjoyable game for all types of gamers

As mentioned above, Manke states that Omno is not a long title. We can easily finish it in an afternoon with a little dedication or throughout an entire weekend without much pressure. I find its duration quite adequate; it is a simple, fun, and very relaxed game that clearly you would not want to play for 20 hours.

Omno gameplay screenshot

Omno is a pretty fun game. The first 35 minutes – which I encourage you to watch below – give you a good idea of what the title has to offer. For an indie title developed by a single person, it’s pretty remarkable. Even so, it is not a perfect game as you’ll notice we had some difficulty getting used to the controls.

If you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass, Omno is definitely a game to recommend. It is simple, fun, and short. Accompanied by an outstanding soundtrack, there’s a lot to enjoy here. Xbox One and Xbox Series X gamers have free access on Xbox Game Pass. The game is also available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

Watch the first 35 minutes of gameplay down below!

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