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Let’s try Kingdom Two Crowns on Xbox Series X

Kingdom Two Crowns

Watch us play the first 50 minutes of Kingdom Two Crowns on Xbox Series X.

Today we bring you gameplay of a popular indie title. We recently tested Kingdom Two Crowns on Xbox Series X, a game that was free through Xbox Live Games with Gold for the month of November.

A layered game franchise

For those who don’t know, the Kingdom series is composed of three games. They are Kingdom: Classic, Kingdom: New Lands, and the game we got for free last month, Kingdom Two Crowns.

In turn, within the version of Kingdom Two Crowns that we installed on the Xbox Series X, we have the base version of the game as well as Kingdom Shogun, with an Asian setting; Kingdom Dead Lands, where we can see a plot with a bit of fantasy; and Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands, the only paid DLC of this game with a plot set in the time of the Vikings.

Earlier this year, the indie developers behind the project released the Never Alone DLC. It’s a free update of the game received earlier this year that can be downloaded from the Xbox Store.

Great pixel art, good story, amazing music

As you can see in the gameplay, we focus on the base version of the game. It welcomes us with an incredible pixel-art scenario in this 2D sidescrolling game where we will realize as we advance in the plot that it is more aimed at strategy and resource management.

Kingdom Two Crowns

Although we see that the game explores more in these two genres of video games, in the 50 minutes of gameplay we realize that we never get to fully explore either of these two aspects. This is perhaps what has not exceeded our expectations, as we simply see the basics of these aspects, giving us to think that the game is more intended to be an adventure game, rather than a sidescroller as we can see today. Even so, the game’s rather minimalist story is surprisingly rich in terms of characters, depth, and plot twists.

The story, the scenarios, the pixel art – and without a doubt the soundtrack – are the strongest points we have seen in this Raw Fury title. If you want to try this game on your own, you can do so through the Xbox Store. It is also available on PC and Mac via Steam, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

Watch the first 50 minutes of gameplay down below!

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