Let’s try DEEEER Simulator

DEEEER Simulator

We bring you 25 minutes of pure chaos and absurdities that will simply make you laugh.

Although it has been more than a year since its PC release, DEEEER Simulator from Gibier Games continues to give hours of fun and laughter to many players thanks to its recent release on Xbox Game Pass and Nintendo Switch. Today we bring you a 25 minutes gameplay where we show you this fun indie game where chaos reigns at all times.

An improved formula

Do you remember Goat Simulator? The classic simulator from Coffe Stain Studios is where we put ourselves in the shoes (er… hooves) of a goat and just did crazy things in a city with a thousand random things to do. DEEEER Simulator takes this formula and cranks it to 100, achieving a video game where chaos reigns at all times.

With animation and physics bugs that simply make you laugh at how absurd they are, DEEER Simulator guarantees players short bursts of fun. Destroy everything in your path with a deer, pushing, throwing, destroying with its horns, and even shooting with guns blazing.

DEEEER Simulator is now available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

Watch the DEEER Simulator gameplay down below!

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