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Let’s play Tunic


There’s a new adventure game out that will make many players remember their time with classic The Legend of Zelda games.

After testing it during the Steam Next Fest that took place in October 2021, we have now played the full release of Tunic. It’s an amazing indie game that you can read a review from our colleague Drew at Game Freaks 365.

As it couldn’t be otherwise, we couldn’t miss trying the final version of the game. Tunic is designed to replicate memories of classic action-adventure games. It follows a brave little fox as he explores a new country where danger lurks around every corner.

This Zelda-like action-adventure game has a lot to offer

With elements such as a leaf-green uniform, a shield, and a very particular sword, Tunic is undoubtedly reminiscent of Nintendo’s legendary The Legend of Zelda series. Even so, Tunic maintains its magic, as we can see in the gameplay that we bring you today here on Video Game Streamers.

In these 20 minutes, we discover a series of game mechanics with which we can find one-of-a-kind objects, new fighting tactics, and cryptic truths as our hero navigates an exciting new world. With a low-poly aesthetic, a color palette that is more than interesting, and striking gameplay, Tunic makes a game that you cannot stop playing if you’re a fan of indie games.

Tunic is available for Steam, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Watch Tunic gameplay down below!

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