Let’s play The Gunk on Xbox Series X

The Gunk

We played the first hour of The Gunk on Xbox Series X. Here are our early impressions.

With their new release The Gunk, the creators of the SteamWorld saga have returned to the spotlight. The Gunk is a third-person adventure game of exploration, platforming, and riddles that has wowed us with its fantastic graphic design, which is reminiscent of SteamWorld but has its own distinct spirit.

The game follows two space exiles who make a livelihood by selling whatever they steal from the worlds they visit. We land on what appears to be a virgin planet that may contain their meal ticket, allowing them to cease being impoverished and hungry.

Unfortunately, after they land, they are attacked by a parasite that has taken over everything. A material known as gunk grows and kills everything it comes into contact with until it leaves a desolate wasteland in its wake. It’s a revolting mass that, fortunately for our protagonist, returns life to its original state after being washed.

We’ll be cleaning the planet in the initial minutes of the game, thanks to the mechanical hand’s ability to absorb gunk and carry heavy materials so that the vegetation can sprout on this nearly dead world.

The Gunk

A fun game

Between sucking up gunk, shooting switches, improving your skills, throwing bombs, and planting seeds so that a mushroom grows and allows us to get from point A to point B, The Gunk provides an entertaining adventure that, despite being a little repetitive, does not become too tedious in the first hour of gameplay.

The Gunk, as you can see from the gameplay we’ve shown you today, is a game with simple principles that makes it suitable for the entire family. Although we’ve attempted to branch out from the game’s straight path, you can see that we’ve made a lot of progress, which leads us to believe that it won’t be a long game, but it’s a lot of fun.

Watch our gameplay video of The Gunk down below!

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