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Humble Bundle just released a software bundle for streamers

Humble Bundle is best known for bundling games for cheap, but they also occasionally bundle software. The Humble Software Bundle: Streaming 2019 just launched today with tools to take your stream to the next level.

Some of the featured software includes Action!, FaceRigPro, Restream, and XSplit to capture all the best content. It also includes games like Getting Over It and Aaero to entertain your audience. Click here to visit the bundle’s page.

As usual, you pay what you want and a percentage goes to charity. Pay at least a buck and you will receive:

  • Monstercat Gold (1 month)
  • Pretzel Rocks Premium (1 month)
  • XSplit VCAM (lifetime license)
  • Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy
  • Darwin Project: Hunter Pack

If you pay more than the average (currently $8.88), you’ll also receive:

  • Restream (3 months)
  • Pretzel Rocks Premium (3 months)
  • Monstercat Gold (3 months)
  • XSplit Premium (3 Months + Includes XSplit VCAM)
  • Aaero
  • FaceRig

If you pay $25 or more, you’ll also receive:

  • XSplit Premium (1 Year + Includes XSplit VCAM)
  • Restream (1 year)
  • Pretzel Rocks Premium (1 year)
  • Monstercat Gold (1 year)
  • Action! (lifetime license)
  • FaceRig Pro

Your purchase supports the publisher, Humble Bundle, and this month’s charity. As a Humble Partner, you also support our operations here at Video Game Streamers to keep the servers on.

If you spend at least $1 on this bundle, you can get 10% off of Humble Monthly (new subscribers only). And it’s not too late to sign up for this month’s Humble Monthly. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Standard Edition is this month’s game. Subscribers also gain access to the DRM-free Humble Trove. Humble Monthly includes new games every month. If you’re not impressed, you can just unsubscribe before the start of the next month.

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