Graslu00 streams full GoldenEye and Perfect Dark playthroughs in one night

One of our favorite streamers is Graslu00, who focuses mostly on GoldenEye 007 videos. We covered him before when he beat Rare’s 1997 classic shooter playing as Mario. Yesterday, Graslu00 put on a double feature, streaming a full playthrough of GoldenEye 007 and Rare’s other N64 FPS masterpiece, Perfect Dark.

The GoldenEye stream used ROM randomizer. As Graslu00 explains:

This is a tool made by K1lo which randomizes your GE NTSC ROM every time you use it to give enemies random weapons, probabilities of having more guards per level, give them “super” weapons combos, and more… It’ll change the default game to play different every time you use it.

After beating GoldenEye, Graslu00 moved on to its spiritual successor, Perfect Dark. They played through the entire game on Perfect Agent, the highest difficulty – and just to cap off a busy night of streaming, finished the multi-player challenges. Because at that point, why not?

Graslu00 regularly streams fan-created GoldenEye levels. If you that sounds like something you’d watch, give them a sub!

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