Graslu00 streams custom GoldenEye 007 level Sky Terrace

Graslu00 streams custom GoldenEye 007 level Sky Terrace

We love custom GoldenEye 007 levels and Graslu00 streams.

Graslu00 is at it again with another GoldenEye 007 stream. This time the streamer played the custom level known as Sky Terrace. This is a customization of the game’s iconic Cradle level, the final level as part of the main campaign.

The level objectives include:

  1. Rendezvous with Ren
  2. Scramble Security Systems
  3. Overwrite Security Systems
  4. Destroy Prototype Weapons

The level mod comes from Rey, a long-time modder. This is their first custom level since 2017. Graslu00’s playthrough runs just shy of seven minutes long.

“Running this on console hardware will initially be very laggy at points due to the amount of guards and objects loaded in. It is recommended that you clear out the guards and finish objective D first before progressing to help lighten the load on the level,” Ren warns.

As fans of the game and film know, the Cradle level is based on Puerto Rico’s iconic Arecibo Observatory. The observatory tragically collapsed in 2020 after a series of earthquakes on the island. 

Watch Graslu00’s playthrough below!

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