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FIFA 20 has been streamed 12 billion minutes


Gamers are playing and watching more FIFA than ever before.

According to reporting at Game Freaks 365FIFA 20 for console and PC is “the most-played game in franchise history. Unique players have increased 10 percent year-over-year while daily active players reached an all-time engagement high.”

Streaming is popular too. Fans are watching record amounts of FIFA content. More than 12 billion minutes of FIFA 20 have been viewed on Twitch since the game’s launch last year. That represents 260 percent year-over-year growth. To put that in perspective, it’s the equivalent of more than 133 million traditional football matches.

The increased viewership is likely a reflection of the FIFA 20 Stay and Play Cup. That event featured real-life soccer players in a Twitch tournament.

In other FIFA news, EA has renewed its exclusive partnership with La Liga, the Spanish national football league. The 10-year deal gives FIFA exclusivity of the league’s clubs in sports video games.

For more FIFA news, visit Game Freaks 365.

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