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Dr Disrespect is not returning to Twitch

Dr Disrespect

The popular streamer has ended legal proceedings with Twitch.

For a couple of years now, Dr Disrespect was banned from Twitch for not complying with the platform’s regulations. Although he has since signed with YouTube Gaming, his future as a Twitch streamer is now confirmed.

The popular streamer, at the time of being banned and noting that despite appeals, he could not recover his signal, was welcomed by Youtube. After months of streaming on his new platform, Dr Disrespect announced in a stream that he already knew the reasons why he was banned from Amazon’s streaming platform and that he would take legal action.

Although there was a small glimmer of hope for Doc and his fans of his return to Twitch, yesterday Dr Disrespect himself announced his plans in two tweets. He confirmed that he will never return to Twitch.

Although he says that the legal dispute is over, he does not reveal if both parties have reached a financial agreement. Nor, above all, does he clarify what were the reasons why Twitch expelled him from the platform in the first place. The good doctor was one of the most popular streamers, but we will have to guess what happened.

In May 2020 as the pandemic raged early on, Dr Disrespect (who is not a medical doctor) shared debunked claims about COVID-19. This is not the confirmed reason for the Twitch ban, but it fits with the timeline of events. The ban came only halfway through an exclusive contract with Twitch. He now has an exclusive contract with YouTube Gaming.

Clearly, he will not say anything regarding the case or why he was banned in the near future. Meanwhile, Dr Disrespect is enjoying one of the best periods of his career on YouTube, where he has tens of thousands of fans watching each stream. Likewise, YouTube trusts him to the point that they are working together to improve YouTube Gaming. The duo hopes to surpass Twitch as the go-to destination for streamers.

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