Celebrate Mario Day with these Super Mario videos

Today is Mario Day. Yipee! What is Mario Day, you ask? March 10, or MAR10. Clever, eh?

To mark the occasion, Nintendo and retailers are discounting the Switch and Mario games. But we thought that we would share with you – our faithful community of streamers – some Mario-themed content from speedrunners, streamers, and YouTubers.

First up, we have the “Top 10 Hardest Mario Levels” courtesy of YouTube channel WatchMojo.com:

Next up, we have the record-setting Super Mario Bros. speedrun from speedrunner somewes, who beat the game in 4:55.796 in October 2018. Congratulations, somewes!

Did you know that Super Mario Bros. 3 was all just an elaborate play? Shigeru Miyamoto himself confirmed it in 2015.

Last but not least, YouTuber Shiromi looks at how infinite 1UP tricks have evolved over the years.

Still want more Mario-themed videos? Be sure to check out our “YouTuber beats Bowser in Super Mario 64 without joystick” and “Streamer beats GoldenEye 007 playing as Mario” articles.

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