Batman: The Video Game speedrunner achieves world record

Batman: The Video Game speedrunner beats world record

Batman: The Video Game is one of the toughest games on the NES.

Based loosely on Batman (1989) – you know, the Tim Burton film with Michael Keaton as Batman and Jack Nicholson as The Joker – this classic video game from Sunsoft is a mix of platformer and old-school action. It’s also one of the best licensed video games on the Nintendo Entertainment System. I would also argue that it is the best superhero game on NES.

Of course, Batman: The Video Game was not for the faint of heart. It is notorious for being one of the most difficult games on the NES. And although I have seen longplays where people beat it in a half-hour, it was surprising to learn that a speedrunner recently beat the game in under ten minutes.

Speedrunner EndySWE‘s world record was accomplished last month. He beat the game in a remarkable 9 minutes and 47.6 seconds. In order to accomplish that, he basically had to run through the entire game without stopping. That meant using a lot of Batman’s various gadgets while avoiding other enemies.

Check out the full world-record speedrun below!

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