Asmongold gets over $5k in Twitch Prime sub raid

This raid meme took place minutes before Blizzard’s announcement of new content coming to World of Warcraft.

Asmongold’s streams have some of the most absurd memes on Twitch that only their community
knows about, but last Wednesday’s was absolutely insane. In the stream of the presentation of the
new World of Warcraft content, fellow streamer McconnellRet managed to get him over $5k in Twitch
Prime subs.

The streamers’ favorite way to subscribe on Twitch

For those of you living under a rock, since Amazon’s purchase of Twitch and the growth of their
Amazon Prime ecosystem, a new form of Twitch subscription has been added. Twitch users with an
active Amazon Prime membership get one free Twitch subscription per month.

Despite being a free subscription for users of the platform, the streamers on Twitch do make money
from it. The earnings from the subscription range from $2.50 to $3.50 (in some cases even up to $4)
depending on the streamer’s contract with Twitch. Because of this, it has become one of the
preferred ways for streamers to get users to subscribe to their channel.

More than $5k in less than a minute

Asmongold is known for infrequent streaming. Because of this, many of his viewers are waiting for the streamer’s return to the platform to deposit their Twitch Prime subscription. In anticipation of the streamer’s return after the announcement of DragonFlight, the new World of Warcraft expansion, fellow streamer McconnellRet prepared a raid meme that he knew would surprise Asmongold.

A few minutes before Blizzard’s broadcast began, McconnellRet asks Asmongold’s streamer “Yo!
You want some money?” After receiving Asmongold’s affirmation, McconnellRet responded in a
distorted voice “Twitch Prime! Twitch Prime! Twitch Prime!”

After saying this phrase, immediately in Asmongold’s chat hundreds and hundreds of notification
messages for Twitch Prime subscriptions flooded the chat. After almost a minute, Asmongold
collected over 1500 new Twitch Prime subscriptions, generating over $5k.

A meme that caught fire

These subscription raids have become a meme among users in the Asmongold and McconnellRet
communities. Likewise, they have never witnessed a subscription raid of this magnitude.

Overall Asmongold’s latest stream gathered more than $9k in Twitch Prime subs, regular subs,
bits, and donations; an incredible figure for a streamer who doesn’t stream as many hours per month
as some of his fellow streamers.

Watch the raid down below!

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