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A streamer gets a Shiny Rayquaza after more than 100h of gameplay

Shiny Rayquaza

Streamer CalebHart42 has accomplished something that very few Pokémon fans have been able to achieve.

All fans of the Pokémon games have been surprised by the new remasters of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl. Thanks to being a known region, let’s say by the majority of players, it allows doing things that normally, are difficult to do with the new Pokémon games, one of these is the hunting of Shiny legendaries, and Streamer CalebHart42 has gotten a Shiny Rayquaza after 167 hours!

A totally crazy achievement!

For those who don’t know much about the subject, shiny Pokémon are versions with different colors than the usual ones they usually present and the chances of them appearing are extremely low, which can be increased with various methods that vary depending on the game. Something for which this generation of games is known is that Shiny versions of legendaries could be found “easily”, although being a combat that we can only have once in the game, makes the process extremely long and tedious.

Streamer CalebHart42 can attest to this, since after 167 hours and 10140 attempts, he managed to get Rayquaza, perhaps one of the most attractive legendaries of all Pokémon, in its Shiny version. As we can see in the video shared by the American streamer in his Twitter account, he was about to restart the game by inertia, but when he realized that he finally got it, his screams and movements show the joy he felt at that moment.

More and more Pokémon fans demonstrate the amount of hours they are willing to invest to achieve their goal, catch them all!

Take a look at the livestream where CalebHart42 get this incredible shiny down below.

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